Salesmen Opportunity

Selling has never been easier. With Taner Tech salesman, work whenever you want and be your boss with No-Experience required.

Why Taner Tech

High Commission

We offer one of the highest commission rates at 15% / sale

Passive commissions

Keep receiving commision on prospective clients for one year.

Be your own Boss

Work whenever you want, never "Show-Up to work" again.

No-Experience required

Just bring clients and we'll handle the rest

Sales Preview

Our sales service sheets have all the necessary material to understand our company and bring potential clients to Taner Tech. 

Sales Quote

Sales is not about selling anymore, but about building trust and educating.

Siva Devaki

Top Salesmen

I’ve been prospecting for Taner Tech 1 year now and it’s like no other sales Jobs, I just brought in 10 potential clients and keep getting getting more

Paul lyski

I had no experience in sales but after training was all set to go and learned that sales can be applied in many fields. But I love that fact that my time is extremely flexible.

Martha Cox

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